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Aviation Information Technology
This is the site where you will find useful links to information to do with anything aviation.
This site is my own personal pilot resource to links that give relevent information regarding weather and more.
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w e a t h e r   l i n k s
Bureau Of Meteorology...
. .MetEye
. .Aviation Weather Package
. .Aviation Weather Services
. .MSL Pressure Analysis
. .MSL Pressure 4 Day Forecast
. .Recent Satellite Images
. .QLD Observations - Map
. .National Weather and Warnings - Forecast Explorer
. .Wind & Weather Interactive
. .Forecast Wind up to 7 days
. .Forecast for Wide Bay and Burnett District
. .Area Forecast
. .Area Forecast - Understanding
More Weather...
. .Willy Weather
. .Weather Forecast.com
. .Weather Channel YHBA
. .Weather Wide Bay
. .Latest QLD Charts CMC 6-day
. .BSCH Analysis Soundings
. .GFS Precipitation Forecast
. .Weather Chaser Radar History
. .WunderGround Wx
. .ECMWF Weather Forecasts
. .Solar Power Generation
. .OCF Forecasts
. .Weather FAQs & Forecasting
. .Bellmere Weather Station Qld
. .Kawungan Weather Station
. .Kawungan Wind Widget
. .METAR Decode - YBBN
. .Decoding TAFs & METARs
. .Decoding a TAF
. .Calc Temp DP Humid
. .Pilot Friend Calculator
. .Wind Chill Calc & Temp Convert
. .Many Weather Links

n a v i g a t i o n
SkyVector Charts - YHBA
Darkside Last Known Position
ICAO and IATA airport codes
HVB Airport Information
Our Airports - YHBA
Airports Australia - Wikipedia

c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
NAIPS/NOTAM - Account required
Aeronautical Information Package (AIP)
Aviation Abbreviations and Acronyms - CASA
LiveATC Hervey Bay

p h o t o g r a p h y
Aerial & Commercial Photographer
Aerial Photographs

a i r c r a f t
Wikipedia Ultralight - Trike
Hang Gliding Federation of Australia
Wide Bay Electric Sports & Soaring RC Club
Virtual Ultralight Museum
Airbourne Australia
ATSB Investigations

For Sale: A few online aircraft sales sites in Australia... Buy at your own risk!

Recreational Pilots Australia
eBay Australia
Aircraft Online
Aviation Trader
Caboolture Microlights
Adelaide Airsports
Recreational Aviation Australia
Plane Sales
Aviation Advertiser
Aircraft Sales Centre
Yarrawonga Flight Training
Pacific Flyer

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Visual Live Winds & MSLP

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